First: Faith Paulsen – Poem

On A Particular Day

It will come on a Wednesday in the fall.
You will wake up before me.
I will feed the cat. I will pack my sandwich.
There might be traffic,
familiar music on Hold for Tech Support,
a prescription to pick up. We will make mistakes.
We will have made
our best guess, and it will come.

It will have been when the baby was little.
It will be after we made love.
The day you first noticed that ache
in your rotator cuff.
It will come.

It will have been a wedding day,
the day the dog was found dead, the day
you twisted your ankle.
We will be on vacation and it will come.
We will have tasted a new fruit,
met someone
for the first time, and it will still come.

It will come through a spoken word
or crawling headline, an image
you wish you never saw.
In retrospect we will say
we did not see it coming,
a single data point
a ghost orchid
in our kitchen.


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Faith_Bio_pic_IstanbulFaith is delighted to be included in Terra Preta! Her work has been seen in a variety of venues ranging in alphabetical order from Apiary to Wild River Review. One poem was nominated for a Pushcart. Her chapbook A Color Called Harvest (Finishing Line Press) was published in 2016. Most recently her work has appeared in the 2018 QuillsEdge Anthology 50/50: Poems & Translations by Womxn over 50, Mantis, the upcoming Evansville Review and Soul Lit.