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Terra Preta Review: First

June 21, 2019

Roberto Carlos Garcia: Three Poems

Elegy in which grief sends me

Elegy in which “Happy” by Pharrell sends me spiraling

Elegy in which is hidden an ode to your beehive updo

Rene Simon: Poem


Carla M. Cherry: Poem


Edward Supranowicz: Digital Art

Stormy Weather

Marian Kaplun Shapiro: Poem


Jesse Burns: Three Poems

untitled 1

untitled 2

untitled 3

Ann-Marie Brown: Painting

What Trees Know 2

Jen Karetnick: Two Poems

A Contrapuntal of Light-Dependent Reactions

Principal Wind

Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto: Poem

Certain Moments of My Small Life

Russell Whaley: Photograph

Florence Rain

James Penha: Poem

Holding On

Faith Paulsen: Poem

On A Particular Day

Molly Pershin Raynor: Two Poems

This Is the Undone Season

Yamim Noraim [Days of Awe]

George Stein: Photograph

first light