We’re committed to paying contributors as well as using our platform to support social justice. We gladly accept suggestions via email of non-profits – literary or otherwise – to which we might donate. Currently on our list are Soul Fire Farm, Black Lives Matter, The Loveland Foundation, Together Rising, and Inside Out Youth Services. If you want to send a suggestion, please include a link to the non-profit’s website and, if you are personally affiliated with them, let us know your connection.

If you contribute to Terra Preta Review, here’s where your money goes:

35% will be divided among the contributors published in an issue

15% will be donated to a non-profit organization

45% will be used to cover production costs

5% will be used to for staff salary

If these percentages change, we will update this page promptly.

We’ll begin making payments & donations in June 2019 with the launch of our first issue and will track where the money goes with full transparency.