It’s strange to think we first started this journey in March 2013. I think I’ve lived about three different lifetimes in the past six years. But here we are again, FOR REAL THIS TIME. I sat down to lightly update a page this morning and five hours – and a wholesale website overhaul – flew by.

Interesting to consider that I surrender to the impulse to tend this dream in early spring. Terra preta, indeed. The kitchen midden in my soul yielding to irresistible, tenacious seedlings of dreams. This journal insists on coming into being. Who am I to say otherwise?

We officially open for submissions tomorrow, March 20th (spring equinox! We’re astrological like that), at noon MDT. It would bring us tremendous joy to spend time with your work. Click the Submit link on the right or up top to learn more.

Thanks, love, & may your own dreams be irresistibly sprouting ~

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